Practice and Theory in Systems of Education

Practice and Theory in Systems of Education (P.T.S.E.) is a  freely accessible, full-text, reviewed, international online journal of education. Education is interpreted in a wide manner and includes human development, learning, school education, formal and informal education, tertiary and vocational education, industry training and lifelong learning. We publish articles from teachers, administrators, professors, graduate students, policy-makers, and education specialists from governmental and non-governmental organisations. While a small number of hard copy versions of the journal are produced for archival and administrative purposes, it is intended that the Journal will be accessed in almost all instances in electronic format via the web.

Published by
Neveléstudományi Egyesület (Association of Educational Sciences)
Budapest, Hungary from 2006 to 2013
International Research Institute s.r.o. - Komárno, Slovakia, from 2014


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The flow of a typical article, from author to publication

As a general guide articles should be not more than 5.000 words or 40.000 characters.

Any articles suspected of plagiarism will be automatically declined.

The journal is Open Access Journal, what means that all articles freely available by anyone on the Internet.

There are no financial reward for reviewers and editors: these works and positions are only voluntary.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published four times per year.

The aim of the PTSE is to publish articles that possess one or more of the following:

- The presentation of empirically or analytically based investigations of theory, models or conceptual frame works in the field of education.

- The employment of advanced research methods and measurement procedures which are clearly explained.

- The presentation of substantive findings which are of importance for policy and practice beyond the country in which the research was conducted.

- The evaluation of educational policy or programs or the use of information technology of cross- national interest and significance.

- The integration of education with academic disciplines such as anthropology, demography, economics, history, law, linguistics, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology, or examines educational issues from the perspective of the disciplines or investigates issues at the interface between education and one or more of these disciplines.